South African Couple Unwilling Stars of Video Made by Homophobic Cops

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A humiliating video made by a pair of putative police officers in South Africa literally exposes two gay men who now have to face the fallout as the clip circulates online.

The men in question were engaged in sexual activity in a car, News 24 reported. Ordinarily, whatever the gender combination of the participants might be, police officers conducting themselves in a professional and non-discriminatory manner might be expected to order a stop to the sexual antics and issue instructions for getting dressed.

But that’s not at all what happens in a video made by two men, evidently presenting themselves as police officers, who are seen accosting the amorous couple. Instead, the purported police bark “Who told you to get dressed?” as the embarrassed men hurry to button up.

The prurience under color of authority continues as the two men making the video set about hurling homophobic epithets and badgering the couple. Mamba reports that the cops zero in on the men’s private parts with their camera and shower verbal abuse on the couple.

“Who’s doing who?” Mamba quotes one officer as saying to the men. To his partner, the cop adds, “Come see the shame,” before referring to the couple by a homophobic slur and demanding of the couple, “Who’s the man between the two of you? Who’s the man, who’s the woman?”

No one seems to know how the video has ended up circulating online, or even whether the men who made it really were police officers. But the humiliating footage has accomplished the sort of damage one presumes the bullies intended to inflict: One of the men thus exposed has been disowned by his family, while the other, a teacher, faces ongoing harassment at work. Neither man is willing to step forward and pursue a complaint, Mamba reported.

News 24 reports that a police spokesperson, Capt. Kholeka Mhlongo, has condemned the incident, saying, “Police are trained not to discriminate. It is against the law.” But unless the men lodge a complaint, there’s little the police are prepared to do.

Local LGBTQ advocacy groups have attempted to fill the gap.

“We want to take it further and we are trying to get hold of the couple so we can help them make statements should they want to open a case,” said Anthony Waldshausen of the Pietermaritzburg Gay and Lesbian Network.

Thabiso Mogapi of Action for Social Justice International deplored the actions of purported police officers, saying, “There are many poor LGTB people who are treated like this by police every day and it is not reported.”

A spokesperson for the Love Not Hate Campaign, Lerato Phalakatshela posed the obvious concerns, saying, “The men may have broken the law when it comes to public indecency, but they deserved to be treated with dignity,” Mamba reported.

“The police would probably not have made such a big deal out of it if it was an opposite-sex couple,” Phalakatshela added.


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