An Early Easter Surprise: LADY BUNNY Hot on the Trail

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by lisa lipsey – 

Lady Bunny is back in town and she’s got a little “somethin’-somethin’” to fill your basket…And there’s nothing PC about her bunny tales! As she said during this interview, “We’ve gone so overboard with the ‘word police’ that they’re trying to make Dick Van Dyke change his name to Penis Van Lesbian!”

Look out folks, it’s going to be a wild night. Because, this reigning queen and founder of Wigstock is no one-trick pony!

Tell us a little bit about your new show Trans-Jester!

This show is full of laughter, at a time when we desperately need it. There are song parodies of everyone from Bruno Mars to Adele, RENT and zany jokes inspired by Laugh-In. I shy away from politics, but do tackle our obsession with gender politics. I zing Caitlyn Jenner, much to most crowd’s delight. (Laughs) This show is down and dirty and not for the PC crew. It’s for those who love to laugh and who don’t mind a salty, old kook asking, “What are we still allowed to laugh at?” The show is a high-energy romp, filled with my usual filthy comedy.

There’s a message that I sneak in about the nature of humor itself. I guess you could sum it up by saying, “I miss Joan Rivers!” For the first time in my life too, I close the show with a couple of classic show tunes. I’ve never been a Broadway queen, but these two gems from Gypsy and Follies really drive home the show’s message!

Beyond the glam, the big hair and outrageous humor and song, you do talk a little politics.

I’m afraid that some of my friends may think there’s a tin foil hat under my wig, since I have a healthy distrust of both political parties. (Laughs) I’ve been a Democrat all my life and consider myself lucky to hail from North Carolina and still managed to come from a family of Democrats.

There is something very wrong with a party which lost to Trump: He has insulted over half the nation, never released his tax returns, may be nuts and has never held an elected office. Democrats didn’t just lose the White House, they lost Congress, most governorships and state senates over the last few years. How do you keep losing like that unless there is something very wrong?

I’d like to see him try to grab my pussy…He’d need a bigger hand! And of course, mine is a little further back than most and it’s kind of a shitty model. (Laughs) But if you grab it right, look out for that oversized clit!

This show is down and dirty and not for the PC crew. It’s for those who love to laugh and who don’t mind a salty, old kook asking, “What are we still allowed to laugh at?”

You’ve been around the world and founded Wigstock. What advice would you give to aspiring drag queens?

I don’t think there is one recipe for success. I see queens doing what everyone else does since the advent of reality TV: Trying to get by unnoticed, fitting in rather than developing a talent, the thing that makes you unique and gets you noticed. We see a drag queen uniform emerging with a certain kind of contour too: hip pads, eyebrows, etc., in the same way that female stars are pumping their cheeks and lips to look like Kardashians. I’m glad I realized that McDonald’s is a far cheaper filler than those offered by plastic surgeons…It plumps up not just my cheeks, but every other area!

What profession, other than your own, would you have considered?

I’ve tried to prostitute myself, but there were no takers. Now, I’m just the free hooker who gives it away. (Laughs) Between performing, writing, DJ’ing, and designing costumes and wigs, there is plenty of variety. I also write original dance music, but other than a 2014 song called, “Take Me Up High,” which went to #18 on Billboard’s dance chart and a couple duets with RuPaul, but the dance music doesn’t pay my bills.

It’s more of a hobby at this point, but I do enjoy both playing and creating music. A new, original song called, “For You, I’ll Wait,” comes out in March. Look for it on Beatport, Traxsource and iTunes.

Lady Bunny’s Trans-Jester! takes place on Thursday, April 6 in San Diego at Martinis Above Fourth (, at The Copa Room in Palm Springs on Saturday, March 11 ( and at Velvet Lounge in Santa Ana on Sunday, March 12 ( For tickets and more information about Lady Bunny, go to:



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