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Openly gay comedian Fortune Feimster has crafted a successful career out of a whim, mining her sense of humor into treasured comedy gold. Okay, now that we have gotten all of the Fortune puns out of the way, let’s get down to the brass tacks about this very talented lady.

The 36-year-old North Carolinian’s (That’s a thing, right?) assault on our funny bones, was born out of an attempt to make friends as “the new girl in town” in Los Angeles by joining the famed improv group, The Groundlings. She began her ascent, as part of the roundtable on Chelsea Lately and was featured in a wide variety of sketches on Handler’s late night talk show, often donning any number of ridiculous costumes.

Feimster has parlayed that “can do attitude” into a number of TV guest appearances on The Mindy Project, Two Broke Girls, Workaholics, Drunk History and has turned up on Handler’s Netflix show Chelsea. She has even teamed up with Tina Fey on two different projects, Cabot College and Family Fortune. Not subscribed to being just a TV actress, she has appeared in movies such as Office Christmas Party with Jason Bateman and Jennifer Aniston and the upcoming Deported and F*cking People.

Of course, she still spends a great deal of time on the road performing stand-up comedy and will be bringing that talent to the LGBT Center Orange County’s Sips & Giggles benefit on Saturday, February 11. Come for a hilarious evening of laughter, starting with drinks and a taco bar at 5 p.m. inside Santa Ana’s LGBT Center on 4th, followed by a cocktail hour downstairs through 8 p.m. and the comedy show at the Frida Cinema next door, from 8 to 10 p.m.

The Rage Monthly spoke with Feimster, who had just arrived in Washington D.C. to perform her hilarious routine about her genesis for making people laugh, being on Chelsea Lately, things she won’t talk about on stage and the Sips & Giggles event.

When did you discover that you had a knack for comedy?

When I moved to L.A. and I took improv classes with The Groundlings. I did it to try and meet people. I was always funny with my friends growing up, I just never thought it would become my path.

Do you have a favorite memory of being on Chelsea Lately?

I miss laughing, from the bottom of your belly kind of laughing, that we did every day. There were so many great things about being on the show. They used to like to dress me up all the time, I was a ribbon dancer once and they used to dress me up like Honey Boo Boo. Not too many people can put that on their resume!

What topics do you like discussing during your stand up and are there any that are off-limits for you?

I talk about things that have happened to me, things like growing up in the South and funny things that I’ve experienced. I don’t really like to get political, there’s already so much doom and gloom in the world every day. I don’t want people to come out to a show and have to be reminded of that.

How did you become involved with Sips and Giggles?

They actually reached out to me a long time ago, I’m not sure why we didn’t connect then, probably a timing thing. But, I am so glad to be doing it now, to be able to get any kind of word out on LGBT issues makes me happy and is something I am glad to be involved with. I really hope that people come out—even if they don’t know who I am—that they come out and support The Center.

Sips and Giggles takes place Saturday, February 11 at the Frida Cinema, 305 East 4th Street in Santa Ana. For more information, or to purchase tickets, go to


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