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Now that you’ve recovered from the indulgences of Christmas and New Year’s, it’s time once again to loosen those belts a bit more and enjoy one of the city’s best and brightest foodie events.

San Diego Restaurant Week is celebrating its 13th year of bringing together food preparers, with the best and brightest food lovers. It’s the best way to get to know the “Finest city’s,” finest and do it for a fraction of the price you would normally pay.

Learn about some of your fellow San Diego diners in the process, as you sup with over 150,000 participants, there as you are to celebrate our city’s ever-evolving, thriving, culinary scene at the over 180 participating restaurants. Three-course, prix-fixe menu offerings for dinner are available for just $20, $30, $40 or $50 per person and two-course, prix-fixe lunches will be served for only $10, $15 or $20 per person.

New this year and in celebration of the arrival of Girl Scouting in San Diego 100 years ago, organizers and participating restaurants are teaming up to honor the organization. Their all-inclusive policy, “Girl Scouts of the USA and its local councils and troops value diversity and inclusiveness and do not discriminate or recruit on the basis of race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, national origin, or physical or developmental disability,” make it a model for all members of our diverse community.

How does that connect with SDRW? The celebration also includes the 100th anniversary of the organization’s delectable, scrumptious, delicious Girl Scout Cookies and Chefs and participating restaurants are “getting creative” with America’s favorite confection.

They are featuring dishes like: Samoas Crusted Fried Shrimp, Do-si-dos Peanut Thai Chicken, as well as salads with toasted Trefoil croutons and much, much more! Dine out and satisfy those cookie cravings at the same time and before anyone else has the chance to, by dining on sweet and savory menu items long before Girl Scout Cookie Season begins!


1. Variety: They say that it’s the spice of life, so get out there and enjoy everything from Thai cuisine to Indian, American, Italian, French, and beyond, the sheer scope offered from over 180 participating restaurants gives you the opportunity to sample a variety of foods that fit within any budget.

2. Reconnect: What is the only thing that makes a delicious meal better? The opportunity to share it with those that you love! This week-long event is the perfect time after the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, to catch up with family, friends and loved ones. After all, the more people at your table, the more nibbles you can sample!

3. Break Your Routine: Who doesn’t need a rest from all that shopping, prepping and cooking? And those endless dirty dishes? Time to let someone else do the cooking, cleaning and the bringing of the food. Exceptional service and well prepared food are at your fingertips…And maybe a cocktail or two!

4. It’s San Diego’s premier foodie event: Those “in the know,” know that SDRW is the time to experience the city’s finest. SDRW’s reasonably priced, Prix-fixe two course lunches and three course dinners offer exceptional values and the most delectable menu options out there. You will never find a better time to sample.

5. Try everything: No one can make it to all 180 SDRW restaurants, but most of us love a challenge and why not eat your way through this one! Challenge your palete with exotic cuisines and new flavors and let San Diego’s chefs expand your palete with unique, creative offerings.

6. Cookies, cookies, cookies: Time to celebrate! We love the Girl Scouts not only because of their inclusive policies and their delectable, scrumptious cookies, but because they have been serving the global community of girls and women for 100 years!

San Diego Restaurant Week returns Sunday, January 15 through Sunday, January 22. For tickets and more information, go to:


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