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~ by joel martens, editor in chief ~

If you use the party calendar as your marker, then it absolutely has begun. White Party Palm Springs 2013 is upon us and it starts the Spring/Summer season of fun-in-the-sun big parties, beginning Friday, March 29. It’s one of the “biggies” in the international gay event scene and if you haven’t been, you should attend at least once for the experience of it. There aren’t many moments when you have that many beautiful men in one place at the same time—and I mean b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l—with a capital B. Just look at this month’s cover model, White Party Ambassador Jaymes Vaughan.

I’ve been a few times when I was younger and a bit more prone (or maybe I should say able) to dance all night. Admittedly, I have always had more fun than is legal, with many fond memories of friends and times we shared there. Hanging out at the pool parties, dancing endlessly and reveling in each other , then doing it again the next day… and the next day… Oh what times we had.

Many judge these events to be “hedonistic” or “a waste of time and money.” And maybe there is some truth in that. But, unless you’ve been, let’s not judge too harshly. Who doesn’t need a little escape once in a while? Is there really anything wrong with a little hedonism? I think not.

We tend to take life too seriously as far as I am concerned. There is always much to worry about: the “us vs. them” of politics lately, the economic landscape, multiple wars—justified or not, religious persecution, racism, the gay marriage battle, healthcare, air pollution, global warming, the list goes on and on. All serious in their own right. They can drive one completely insane.

I recently moved to a new neighborhood and was taken aback by the numerous people who stopped me on the street to say hello as I was carrying my life’s detritus into my new digs. I haven’t experienced that kind of neighborly interest in a while—it was wonderful. It reminded me of how important it is to stay engaged. Greeting your neighbor is just one way of doing so. It’s really about active participation and being interested in what’s happening outside of your own experience.

There will always be more than enough time to be engrossed in life’s challenges. And yes, it is important to be present for those things too. It is also vital to stay connected to those who surround you and enjoy the experience that connection brings—which you can do anywhere—at any time.

We are from different cultures, different worlds and have different experiences, all of which are endlessly fascinating. The key is to really listen and experience them. Whether it’s a neighborhood chat, a theatre or community event like the many listed in our pages, a Sunday church service or even the White Party. It’s the connection—not the venue—that’s important.

So, I say get out there, get connected, listen and create those stories. Go ahead and have your hedonistic fun—get on the fantastic ride that is life.

It’s a one-way ride and it’s over quickly.

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