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My first official holiday event for this year has happened. It has become the match that sets the holiday fires ablaze for me.

I attended the annual Who-extravaganza that is Dr. Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas at San Diego’s Old Globe Theatre just a few days ago. Seriously, who can resist that Grinchy-green, tiny hearted, crotchety-turned-cheery tale of change? I remember counting the days until it appeared on television as a youngster and delighting in it then. What a pleasant surprise when the “adult version” made its way to the stage and that childhood delight was sparked anew. I highly recommend that everyone make the trip to see it. It’s a bit of a trek for our northern readers, but I promise it’ll be worth the journey.

I have to admit, I am a holiday ho-ho-ho. I love everything that is Christmas, the decorations, carols, mulled wine, cookies, gifts, all of it. It’s something I have never tired of. And believe me, if any one should have tired of it, it’s me. I spent 15 years in the retail business pricing holiday decorations ‘til my fingers bled, decorating endless trees and building Christmas displays that would take a month to assemble. I was buried alive in glitter the entire time, it was on (and in) everything I owned: my clothes, my hair, my car…I would even find it in my bed at home. And you can just drop the comments already—trust me—I have heard them all!

Let me tell you, if that didn’t overload my holiday spirit, nothing can or ever will.

There is so much to celebrate this season. For one, the landmark election we just witnessed—it has pretty much put a permanent grin on my face—we have come a long, long way baby. Gay marriage is legal in four more states, voted on this time by the citizenry. That is such a landmark.

And days before press time here at The Rage Monthly, we are still awaiting the Supreme Court’s decision on whether or not to take up the Proposition 8 case—more history in the making. It literally brings tears to my eyes when I think about what it was like for those who came before us, how much has changed in my lifetime and what’s in store for future generations.

Of course friends and family are another thing to cherish this time of year, so reach out to them. Make sure they notice your presence in their lives. There are many who don’t have that luxury any longer, or maybe never did. Take a look around you and make sure that those who don’t are not “left out in the cold.” A moment of kindness goes a long way when you are feeling alone. Take a friend to dinner, invite someone to a party you haven’t before, send a card or gift to a soldier, drop a gift off for your local toy drive, donate some goods to a food drive or give a blanket to a homeless person as you pass by. The fallacy of scarcity in America is just that—a fallacy. There is plenty to go around.

It will make “your heart grow three sizes…” I guarantee it!


Joel Martens, Editor in Chief

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