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~joel martens, editor

November always makes me think about the songs I sang in grade school like, “Over the river and through the woods…” “Oh the weather outside is frightful…” making me think of warm rich foods, hot cider and the abundance of holiday meals soon to come. Oh, and lest I forget… the coming onslaught of frigid temperatures we called “Alberta Clippers,” bearing down on the Wisconsin Northwoods of my youth.

As an adult, those songs still echo, but they now come with many other adult things; work, car payments, housing, bills, grown-up responsibilities that often overshadow good cheer. This month’s magazine is all about food and wine and we’ve pulled together some wonderful contributors for you to peruse. Page 46 features Nancy Milby of Laguna Culinary Arts and her take on food and wine pairings, it’s a great “how to” for everyone. I also had the chance to speak with Chicago’s Hearty Boys, Dan Smith and Steve McDonagh of Food Network fame on page 42, about their life together with their 7-year old son Nate. Don’t miss them this month at the San Diego Bay Wine and Food Festival on Wednesday, November, 14 through Sunday, November 18. For more information go to

This year especially, the constant drone of the election is looming everywhere, it’s gotten to the point where it’s like constant ringing in my ears—persistent and ever so annoying. The candidates endlessly crying; “he’s terrible, no he’s terrible,” or “my way is better,” “no, my way is better.” Sounding not that dissimilar to sandbox wars from kindergarteners—funny how it always goes back to bratty childhood behavior, isn’t it?

That is not to say that Election Day on Tuesday, November 6 should be taken lightly. Personally, I don’t feel we have ever had as much at stake as a community as we do in this election. After speaking with Dustin Lance Black (see page 36 for my interview), it was driven home for me, even more what we potentially have to lose. Gay marriage as he said, “is sitting on the desk of every supreme court justice right now, they are right this minute deciding weather they are going to hear this case or not.” If that doesn’t inspire you to get out and exercise the privilege of voting, maybe this will: Whom ever you choose when you cast your vote for the Presidency will probably be appointing at least one of those supreme court justices within his term. The court is already leaning to conservatism, do we really want a super majority sitting on that bench? I urge every one of you to get out there and vote, we must not sit back and watch history being made—we all must participate.

Thank you for allowing me to contribute to the noise of this election and as we approach the holidays, remember to seek out those who may be alone. Chances are they need your attention and support.


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