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The California Assembly Business, Profession and Consumer Protection Committee voted on June 26, 2012, 5-2 in favor of Senate Bill 1172.

The bill introduced by Senator Ted Lieu would prohibit mental health professionals from trying to change the sexual orientation of minors who are under their care. The practice also known as conversion therapy has long been documented as having devastating consequences on LGBT youth by trying to force them into becoming heterosexual.

Some of the documented devastating effects from such therapy include depression, suicide, shame, social withdraw, substance abuse and self-harm.

Throughout United States history parents have been made to believe by some mental health practitioners and right-wine conservative religious leaders that gay and lesbians can be treated by what they believed was a mental defect.

Many LGBT Americans we subjected to ECT Electro convulsive therapy and in extreme cases gay males were allowed to be castrated in seven states as late as the 1970’s

In a press conference given on June 26, 2012 Ryan Kendal now a college student described how undergoing conversion therapy to become heterosexual destroyed his life:

“At the age of 16, I surrendered myself to the local department of health services my life had become a nightmare. I lost my family and turned to life of substance abuse, homelessness and deep depression. No one should have to endure what I experienced.”


In an interview with Dr. Mary Strobbe PhD. Professor of Psychology at Miramar Community College who is very passionate on the subject said:

“Anyone who wants to enforce reparative therapy/conversion therapy or whatever label they wish to put on it to sugar coat the trauma inflicted on the victims of such therapy should have to watch Clockwork Orange until they ‘get it’.

I find it absolutely disgusting that it is necessary for lawmakers to get involved. I want to know who are the “professionals” involved in “converting” gays, especially given the scientific evidence refuting such practices. All the legitimate professionals involved in therapy would not engage in such behavior; they would consider it unethical.

Yes one can find anecdotal evidence to support your position whatever it may be, but that is far from scientific or applicable to generalizing to the population.

Are we now going to make all lefties, righties, as we did 40+ years ago? So much that is happening in this country makes me think we have taken more than two steps backward!

Just because one is a parent, does not give them the right to “change” the essence of who a person is. Read a biology text about the development of sexual identity that occurs prior to birth. Consider the case of David Reimer whose parents attempted to raise him as a girl because of medical mishandling of a circumcision and the outcome. Is that not of significance to those who want to change a person’s core identity?”


In a statement released by the National Center for Lesbian Rights Executive Director Kate Kendell:

“The time is long overdue for the legislature to take action against the psychological abuse of young people perpetrated by so-called ‘reparative therapists.’ These practices have no basis in science or medicine, but the harms they inflict on young people are all too real – anxiety, depression, and self-destructive behavior. This bill will quite literally save lives. California youth deserve protection from shame and stigmatization disguised as therapy.”


In an interview with The Rage Monthly Magazine State Senator Ted W Lieu (D) said:

“Under the guise of a California license, some therapists are taking advantage of vulnerable people by pushing dangerous sexual orientation-change efforts. These bogus efforts have led in some cases to patients later committing suicide, as well as severe mental and physical anguish. This is junk science and it must stop.”

“Clearly, so-called conversion or reparative therapy is scientifically ineffective and has resulted in much harm. Simply put, this is an unacceptable therapeutic practice.”


Senate Bill 1172 that was co-sponsored by Equality California the National Center for Lesbian Rights, Mental Health America of Northern American, Gaylesta, Lamba Legal will now head to the floor of the California Assembly where it is expected to pass by its democratic majority. The bill would be the first of its kind in the nation.

To find out more about Equality California go to, National Center for Lesbian Rights, to find out more about Senator Ted Lieu go to

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