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As a trainer I hear it a lot and, perhaps it fits the bill for you too; finding time to work out is a constant battle. We work long days and though we would love to have the 60 minute work-out, it just does not happen.

Here is a solution that you can complete in 30 minutes. It is guaranteed to make you sweat and make you happy that it is only a 30 minute work-out and not 60.

We are going to start by using something called the BOSU ball. If you don’t know what that is, it’s the half ball-bubble (usually blue) that is secured to a hard, flat plastic base.

With the bubble side facing up, you will do a step aerobic exercise, alternating each foot. As you step up and down keep your hands tight to your side. Do this for two minutes and then rest for 15-20 seconds, then repeat this exercise one more time.

After resting 15-20 seconds, flip the BOSU ball over (bubble-side down) and perform push-up/jump-ups. Assume the push-up position by grabbing the outside edges of the base of the BOSU ball with both hands, extending legs in plank position and do a push-up.

Still holding the base, kick your legs forward (knees to chest), then release hands from the base and with force, jump straight up in the air as if you were trying to touch the ceiling. On the return, make sure that your knees bend and do not lock out.

Repeat this exercise performing 12 push-ups and 12 jump-ups in four sets. There is no rest while performing each set, the rest period between each set is 30 seconds. (Note: if your upper body is weak, perform the push-ups on your knees).

Now to the assisted pull-up machine (your rest period before starting this exercise is 60 seconds.) Set the weights so you are able to perform pull-ups fairly easily. We are not going for a certain number, you will perform as many pull-ups as possible, or to what I like to call going to failure.

We are going to attack your back first; grab the outer handles to focus on your wide back muscles first, so lean back and look up at the ceiling as you pull yourself up. With each repetition you perform, you want steady motion in both directions. Before you lock out the elbows on the down stroke, you want to exhale as you reverse to pull yourself back up. Focus on squeezing your shoulder blades together as you pull-up.

Perform two sets with the wide outer grip, then two more sets at inside grip. Rest period between each set is 60 seconds. Staying on the assisted pull-up machine, we turn our focus to the chest area. Realigning your position, stand completely upright and look straight ahead. Starting with the wide grip position we are targeting outer chest area. Perform as many pull ups as you can until failure.

Remember when you are on the down stroke to not dangle, otherwise this will work the shoulder area. Just as you’re about lock out, you pull yourself back up. This will keep all the tension on the chest muscles. Perform on the wide grip for two sets and then the inner grip for another two sets. Rest periods between each set is 60 seconds.

Resting for two minutes upon completion of the previous exercise, we now move on to crunches. Perform eight sets doing 15-25 concentrated muscle contraction reps—core muscles respond best to slow isolated contractions as opposed to fast. 15 second rest periods in between each set.

Now head to the cardio area and jump on the revolving StairMaster, if you are able, set the speed to no less than six (anything above eight is for well-trained athletes).

As you step with your feet, mimic the motion of climbing an invisible rope attached to the ceiling with your hands. Do complete, full extensions with your arms as you pull yourself up the rope, this will add difficulty. Perform until your 30-minute workout is complete.

This exercise regime is a type of circuit training, so resting time should be short. Performing this circuit is designed to push you past your comfort zone and build endurance, stamina and strength.

Not everyone will have the stamina to perform at first with the prescribed resting periods, so pace yourself and work to the best of your ability.

Your stamina will increase as you work, making you stronger—and be sure to always have a water bottle on hand with you and drink frequently. I want to stress that 80 percent of what our body ultimately looks like is based on nutrition, while the other 20 percent comes from working out.

Eat lean meats, fresh vegetables and fruits, whole grains (brown rice over white, oatmeal is great too) and drink no less than two liters of water per day (one gallon is recommended for active people). Eat smaller meals every three hours and two to three snacks within each day (leaving you with three main meals). I am here for you and you only! aaronsavvy.com

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